what to wear/bring/expect

Newborns and Babies

  -It is best to take newborns within the first 12 days, when they are still extra sleepy!!

 -Always a fan of in the nude newborn pictures. Accessories are always good as well .. Hats, headbands, blankets, scarves, quilts, necklaces for girls.   If you have any fun props at your house go ahead and bring them I would love you.  I have some of my own that I like to use, but different ones make for more unique pictures, and sometimes parents have better ideas then I do.

  - Don't worry if your baby pees or poops everything washes and it happens all the time.  Babies cry and not all of them enjoy being naked and having their picture taken, plan on at least 2 and a half to 3 hours for your session!!!  You most likely will have to feed your baby during the shoot.

  - I am happy to do it at my house or yours, whichever you are more comfortable with!!


  -Think coordinating, not matching

  -Choose items with good color and texture {knits, ruffles, denim} and lots of accessories

 -Anything sentimental to you and your family {favorite family hobbies, a child's favorite toy, grandmas old quilt} any ideas you might have, bring them, it will make your photo shoot more interesting and unique.

  -Plan on about an hour and a half for your photo shoot


 - same as family think coordinating, not necessarily matching

 -bring some snacks, drinks, a favorite toy

 -try to schedule with me a time of day when your child is happiest, napped and feed.   All kids, especially the younger ones are grumpy at some point of the shoot, try not to stress to much about it, it only makes it worse.


 - Tight fighting shirts to show off your belly, long flowing dresses or skirts

 -extras to bring, ultrasound pictures, baby name books, baby booties... anything pink or blue depending on what you are having.