Thursday, October 29, 2009

The worlds GrEATEST next door neighbors...

and really thats the truth... they have to put up with seeing and dealing with me just about everyday... Not to mention that Dax and Cooper are best of buds... Dax calls him"poopa", sometimes I just want him to come over and hang out with me... he cracks me up!!

Here's your sneaky peeky Brooke... I know you haven't seen these yet..

Bailey is always so happy and content, unless she's around me, she'll usually just stare at me like she doesn't know what to think... She wasn't too happy this day, but you would never know!!!
I love these kids' bright blue peepers

It is now one in the morning and holy cow I've got to go to bed...


  1. Lindsay these are incredible! Way to go! You stand out in a crowd of photographers and should call your self a professional, who says you aren't.

  2. Linds you are way good! I looked at all of them and I'm very impressed. Maybe I'll have to save up $50 and have you take our picture :) haha we'll see. But really, you're very talented. Good work dear.

  3. You AMAZE ME!!!! You are seriously SO talented. I CAN'T wait to get home so I can print these!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!

  4. Wow! They look awesome! It doesn't hurt to have such good looking models either.