Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just who do these kids think they are?

I am proud to call myself there Aunt...

I guess I'll claim there parents as my relatives too...
If I have too {ah ha}

Just imagine a male version of Mikelle and thats my husband!!

Don't you just wanna pinch his chubby little cheeks?

He also has the cutest little munchkin voice
Makes you just want to eat him

This one here puts a little twinkle in my eye....
I really just LovE it...

and mr. pierce has the craziest funniest little laugh

Would you ever guess that Mikelle is 5 mo. pregnant? With a GIRL!!! {finally}
And in a couple of months they are up and leaving us across the country.... RUDE!!!

Really love this one too...
These are coming your way SOON Mikelle, I promise...


  1. Okay, I LOVE all of these, but especially the one of the boys in the wagon! I want you to do ours!!

  2. WOW. Love these pics linz. You did such a great job!