Monday, December 28, 2009

Not happy, but you'd never know it!!!!

I'm happy to call these people my relatives. They drove all the way up to Logan from Salt Lake to have me take their pictures, and they let me try out a new location I was really excited to try!!! I loved it!!!! The kids were not happy, they had to drive for an hour and a half, got woken up from their naps, and their poor little noses were bright red, cuz it was FREEZING!!!! So who could blame em!!!! But the pictures turned out super cute, so who would know?

Christmas Story anyone?

I love the little look on little Lukes face

as you can see their were more pics of Luke then Scotty, Scotty was really not happy. Poor little guy!!!

chasin their thanksgiving dinner!!!

Thanks for driving up here guys!!!! Always fun to see family!!!


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