Friday, February 12, 2010

I {heart} L.O.V.E day!!!!

But I ESPECIALLY {with a Capitol, bold and underlined E!!!} HeArT these two little turkeys!!!!

They are by far the Loves of my life..

I am warning you in advanced of the crazy picture overload...
I've said it before....
Not good with the decision making!!

in case you were wondering... I was having a little too much fun with some of the editing tools!!
just experimenting, its o.k. every once in a while, right?

flexing those massive muscles of his

this picture is so Dax

and this one is SO jo...

*Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, with the LoVeS of YOUR lives....

{its so nice to have my laptop back a.k.a my precious. The cord had a short in it so we had to order a new one... it took all week to get here}
I was having Serious withdrawls!!!
I might have to confess that I love my precious more then my camera, maybe? its a toss up?


  1. Great models, great series! They look like a lot of fun!