Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Loved it...Sad its over

So for the past couple of weeks I have been taking a photography class from the amazingly talented Brooke Snow!!! I have loved it, LoVeD every minute of it, and have learned SooOooOOoo much. I wanted to write down and memorize everything she said, and felt like she was telling us all of her deep dark photography secrets!!! She put everything into a different perspective for me, and taught me to view things more creatively!! Her class focused on how to find locations, and posing. Which I'm sure if I've ever taken your pictures, you know posing is NOT my strong point!!! I'm super excited to try out everything that I've learned!!! She gave us a couple of assignments one was to Plan and prepare a shoot!!! You had to find a new location, one you had never been to before and prepare ahead of time.

My boys are always good models for a photo shoot. Mmm maybe more convenient? My mom bought my boys there cute little rain boots and coat and I had been itchin to take them out and about.

You can't really tell, but behind them is a big ol pile of glass bottles. Thought it was pretty cool!!!

Jo and his lunch box, he LoVes this thing!!

Dax can't take a picture without making some kind of WeirDo face,
just like his dad!!!

not gonna lie, I think its kinda cute!!
Its just him...

Definitely Definitely if you live in cache valley you should take Brooke's class!!!
Worth every penny!!
You don't even have to be a professional, she has a basics class too!!
Actually am thinking of taking it myself!!!

We also went out and had a model shoot day.... WAY FUN!!
I will post those pictures LATA!!!

off to bed...


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