Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brooke and Cody {in LoVe}

I've been saving these babies for a while now. Didn't wanna ruin any surprises for the BiG day!! But well, since the big day is tomorrow, I decided it would be alright to post them. I really really Love alot of these pictures. Probably because you could tell these two were sooooo in LoVe!!!

I can't wait for the BIG day tomorrow!!! And yes I will be the photographer. Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!! First wedding ever!!! I definitely have mixed emotions about it, from being super excited to super nervous!!! I have a serious case of the what ifs... what if my battery dies is the big one, what if I forget something {knowing me, I'd probably forget my camera}, what if I fall down, no just kidding, that's hopefully the brides worry and not mine, yikes, I guess it could happen though. But mostly I'm excited!!! I think I'll see how it goes and how much work a wedding actually is, and I will put an official wedding pricing list up soon!! So stay tuned!!!

Well here they are... these guys were such good sports... I made them go back and forth in about a foot of snow about 4 times... I felt pretty bad, considering all she had on was high heels

We got alot of pictures like this

Love Love these ones...

this is Brynlee, Brookes daughter... in the meantime we got some family pictures!!
Check out those eyes...

Wish me Luck...
Like I always say cute people, make cute pictures... so it shouldn't be too big of a deal!!

And especially Good Luck to Brooke and Cody!!!!


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