Thursday, October 29, 2009

I really NEED a girl...

Another cute family from my neighborhood and another dang tough decision. I finally resorted to making collages cuz that was easier for me then deciding. I really love these pictures {and the family of course} I really really need a little girl, cute clothes, and they actually like me to take there pictures... how nice would that be!!

This little lady pretty much ended up having her own personal photo session. She is sooo dang pretty... she would have let me take her picture all day, and I could have.
Ever since lily was born I have thought she was the cutest thing ever, her and her big chubby cheeks. I've told her mom over and over how dang cute I think she is, she's probably sick of it. Her and Jonah are betrothed and I'm sticking to it. Funny cuz both my boys are betrothed to lily's...ah ha!! {do I sound a little bit creepy?}

I love this picture with her little pot belly


  1. You are amazing, Lindsey!!! I love these sooo much- you, seriously, are the best!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!