Friday, April 9, 2010

She aint no spring Chick..

Today is my Birthday
Yep, was born April 9, 1982
Which would make me....
28 years old... YIKES!!!

baby duck
{I do realize this is a duck and not a chick}

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE my birthday, I really do, always have. I usually am counting down the days and reminding everybody. I'm sure I come across as slightly annoying about it. But this year I'm having a bit of a hard time.
I mean, I am really getting up there....

Well my SwEeT husband has done an AWESOME job at making it extra special. He took the day off, let me sleep in, made me my all time favorite breakfast {rice cereal} We took the kids to this cute little festival they have up here in cache valley, called baby animal days, Loved it, the kids loved it!!! He cleaned the house, let me take a nap, and now it's off to dinner @ Texas Roadhouse with my fam. Couldn't ask for a better day!!! Oh and he made me an absolute delish cake with pink frosting {my favorite color}


here we are, me and my handsome hub!!!


  1. SO cute Linds! You got a good one :) And Happy Birthday again! I'm glad it was so good!