Monday, October 25, 2010

What Belly?

My cute little sis in law..
These are maternity pics, but you can barely tell with that itty bitty baby bump of hers.
Looks like my belly after i've eaten a cafe rio burrito...

She actually ended up having her sweet baby girl 3 days after we did these, good thing we didn't procrastinate, like I do with everything else in my life...

 Also wanted to apologize to everyone still waiting on their pics .  I've been working my little hiney off and still feel like I'm up to eyeballs in editing...
I promise you will all get them before christmas.  Just kidding, hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be somewhat caught up!!!   I promise I haven't forgotten about you...

Sweet little mia's newborn pics are next!
You just wait, she really, no kidding is the cutest thing


Cam was such a good sport to participate, he's just about as bad as my husband when it comes to pictures...
I compared him to a 3 year old during our shoot!!!

Picnik collage

Picnik collage



Picnik collage