Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Happy Halloweenie..

From our little super heros to yours!!!
Here's a little preveiw of our five minute photo shoot on the front porch.
Then it was off to the church for trunk or treating in the pouring rain...
family, chilli in bread bowls, little smokies and oh OH so much candy
I think I may have gained 15 pds total this weekend.. Just what my 9 mo. preggo self needs...

in there halloween shirts
I really wish I would have done jo's {the little one} hair, he has such a big noggin he needs something done with it, but will NOT let me spike it!! so usually I just do nothing with it

flexin those HUGE muscles of theirs 
Picnik collage

jumpin off the porch
Picnik collage
my favorite, how sweet is this?

and here is my awesome, made by the hub in 5 min halloween costume
it was a hit!!!


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